everywhere i go, library, mc donald, starbuck – everyone has their own little electronic book on the table or their lap – multiple times i can confirm my eyes are seeing the same wall screen , the light blue stripe on the top with a lot of profile pictures on it.

this screen create wonder, i see some sudenly burst into laughter reading that screen, others were staring deeply without blinking right to the center of the screen, other were busy typing and typing nonstop as fast as the words can came out from their mouth.

if you wonder what is that “creature” that stand very brightly on each of the little electronic book screen ….

“it’s facebook screen, mummy” rofl.

even my 5 years old daughter know the name of that creature. yes, it’s THE FACEBOOK, who does not know FACEBOOK, just like we know xerox many decades ago.

is the BRAND, the TOOL that everybody needs now a days, regardless gender, race, religions, background, education, hobbies etc.

you found all you need here in facebook in term of information sources. it is the same sense as when you are entering a supermarket, you found various kinds of stuff, some you might need for your daily survival some you don’t need at all.

it is the same notion in facebook – grab what you need or want, and skip the things that you do not need.

LIFE is fast now a days, blame!!! it to the communication tool as well. decision making become faster and faster, in a second, BOOM!!! decision made. thank you to the technology.

don’t be surprise ONE day, the WORLD, the FUTURE can be shaped through FACEBOOK ….

peace everyone.