i believe in taking a break on almost everything in life. when you take a break you actually let yourself to reflect and to cool down. when something is too much, it is always not really good, you tend to loose your real direction and keep doing something for the sake of that possession. you loose the ooze and the importance of it for your life.

the same goes to the life in the net world, be it in facebook, secondlife, my space and other social networking tools. suddenly you feel you are SOMEBODY, by having a lot of responds, comments into what you had to say. you love to see the numbers growing everyday and want it more and more. it is the same feeling as addiction if i could say.

this dynamics name as being POPULAR or FAMOUS. these 2 notions can be very dangerous if you can not manage it carefully and wisely.

i see this happens in 2nd life, a lot of people just forget who they are for real, just because they want to cope with the popularity and being famous. the worst thing is they actually go and dare to sacrifice their actual things in life or their realitys for this. they start to loose the grips of their real life and indulge their self deeper to this world without knowing when or how to stop.

the same goes to the other social networking tools. obsession of being popular and famous can pull you away from your reality, your real responsibility in life. you force yourself to be somebody else in there just to satisfy the public. you work hard in order to earn public attention.

“that is why!”, i like to take a break from time to time … reflect and keep reflecting. and keep asking myself “WHAT ACTUALLY I REALLY WANT OUT OF THIS?” and most of all “WHAT IS THE BENEFIT FROM ALL OF THIS to my self, my daughter, my husband, my family, my life …which are far more important”.

i know and i see a lot of fall out due to the obsession of being POPULAR.

be careful friends and take care … hugggs***