EVERYTHING in 1 fingger tip –

with this new communication technology on the go, i feel life is getting more excited. a lot new things you can learn and discover during the process. something that you will never believe you can do it, you actually DID it .. DONE it.

the more i push my self to the edge to learn these new technologies, the more i benefit out from it. sometimes i can spend almost the whole straight 3 hours to run the application setting, connect them from one platform to another platform. trying to make all of them connected, interfaced and updating one another.

the main goal is at the end of the day, i will just have to go to one tool, and control the whole things from there.

there is a new saying said:

“would i be lonely in this vast, growing, speed enviroment?”

my answer is “No ….”, the communication tool is everywhere now a days. you are even owning the previliged to pick and choose the communication environment to your own liking. you can skip, hold, delete, remove almost everything that you think is not to your liking.

“would it be a downfall of it?”

my answer is “Yes…” we tend to become selfish, less sociable and impatient in a lot of things. we might be good on writing skills at the end, but when it come to realtime communication skill, we might have a lot of strugling process.

realtime interaction required emotional connection, which if not handled properly could create tension or stress. i always said this from time to time and i would say it again here “nobody knows what is on someone’s heart or mind, only that person knows”.

sometimes i call this “the mind game”, this is very tiring and hectic sometimes. it requires a lot of energy which could be a wasted at the end. after all the hassle and turns you went through just to discover what is the real intention on somebody’s heart and mind, you end up with a big disapointment. you realized that you actually have been attending someone’s else frustration, ego and all sort personality problems that do not have anything to do with your life ….

could you imagine that? i could, because i faced this a lot.

Yeah .. some said that is what a friend for!!! in my heart, come on! grow up! there is always limit on everything. ABUSE is not a nice word to put on a friendship table for dessert.

HOWEVER, life goes on, moves on and we are getting wiser everyday from all the things we learn in life.

and “NOTHING is absolute, everything is balance”

peace everyone.