WRITING quotes on the net

everyday i read more quotes on the net. it is really amazing how someone can translate what is in their mind and heart into their status, tweet and post etc.

some bring on their quality to the net some contribute trash, no matter what they bring i can just observe and sometimes it reach to the point where i just want to lay out what i feel about reading those trash, and believe me it is not a good thing to read! hahahahhahahah

trash on the net, is basically a social garbage. something that was written just for the sake of writing. i am not sure what is behind this person’s mind when they write it. “showing off”, “just to argue with no direction”, “personal outcome of disapointment”, “life styler” and many more tags or label attached to them.

usually i will just smile when i read garbage or i just skip it and ignore it. i choose not to waste my energy and effort to cater these quality.

again – what is garbage to me might be different to you. my garbage might be a super DIAMOND for you, so it is subjectif and relatif, depend on each individual.

HOWEVER, i love and love reading quality quotes. i have collected some names that i constantly follow on the net word. they bring out quality to the social networking be it on facebook, twitter, blog or other social networking.

to me, these people are amazing. they can translate what is on their mind and heart into sentences. i can imagine it because i am doing it as well from time to time. when you write quality quote is actually you write things that you believe deep inside you. it is the root of yourself and classified you from the rest. this is light a power within you that is so strong that you need to bring it out of yourself and share it with others. when you are doing it, you actually contaminate the quality to the rest or others who is reading it. you inspire them, you give them a new dimension and ideas. and i thank you them for doing this on the social network.

on top of that i happend to know some young quoters, they are only on their teens BUT they can write their quality quote amazingly. when i see these group of teens, what come to my mind is WHO ARE THEIR PARENTS and WHO IS THEIR MOTHER ….. this will lead me to see what kind of grooming the parents instill to them. your CHILDREN is the miror of you ….

peace everyone.