going back to bali

going back to bali is not something new for me, infact i have gone back and forth that nice little island more than 10 times in my life time. the journey started when i was only 13 years old, travelled en route with my parents and sibblings. we spent many days and night in the car, drive through the pan java island route all the way to bali. it was an amazing journey and an eye-opening for me to see more what the world can over to our own eyes.

the educational journey to bali only last for that 1st particular trip, afterward most of the trips are for leisure as being single or work.

BUT NoW – i am going back to the island with a mission again. this time is for my daughter. it is my duty now to introduce to her what is the best quality of bali despite the hectic and busy life in Kuta. she needs to be exposed to the culture, tradition and art in bali. after all, these are the qualities that bring greatness to bali across the world. the qualities that make people want to travel and discover more from this little island.

our hotel and flight are confirmed and booked, now it is my duty to start working on our itinerary there. i have been browsing and searching good information for the trip. furthermore i need to do some introduction to my daughter prior of our departure at the end of this month. i might bring her to book shop to see some books related to bali, such as the epic story of ramayana, the art from bali, the hinduism etc.

the holiday only last for about 10 days, but the discovery and exploration is STARTING today ….

can not wait to see this island again … and hope many more occasions to come as well. i LOVE Bali so much !