applications on my droid

my dream : run everything on my droid – including the house work :p

what i have installed  on my droid are as followed : [ bare in mind, it is still on going progress, currently i only used 7% of my memory capacity]

mixzing, fixcamera, picsay,money management, color flash, color note, currency converter, the wheather forecast, maps, calorie counter, percentage counter, dictionary, wordpress, BMI calculator, compass, find starbuck, ITriage [sort of medical tips/advise], Littre dictionary [french dictionary], loan calculator, moby, mortgage calculator, navigation, scanlife [barcode scanner], sims toolkit, starhub TV, thesaurus, unit converter, youtube, powe control, foursquare, facebook, gmail, twitter, facebook chat.

and my most favorites QuOTEs, comics whatever: daily dilbert, budha, 100 ways to live happily, million dollar tips, sigmund freud, study 101 tips, maya angelou, 40 hadeeths, albert einstein, aristotle, Asma al-husna, dalai lama, iQuran, Lao Tzu.

remember it is still on going and continue – if you have any tips or suggestions let me know.