DROID lover

it has been some weeks NOW for me to use my DroiD, and the experiences are nowhere the best than this smart phone.

there are so many things i can do just by hooked on to my droid. i can manage my “things-to-do” with a nice fancy colorful post it stick on my screen, update my calendar so i don’t miss any important events, monitoring my wallet budget and hubby’s credit card usage, checking my ovulation schedule “ehm ehm ehm”, reading news, gossips, updates from my facebook and twitter, taking photos and work the design as well as uploading it online, updating my blogs instantly, listening to my music playlist anywhere, leave traces to people to find out where i am and where did i go to places for the whole day, find out toilet/library/restaurants/starbucks etc, browsing etc etc etc.

on top of those benefits, i learn a lot of good stuffs which are NEW and awesome items to share as well as making friends around the world.

SO! what more could you ask ….. go droid Now …