i read onLINE news MOrE

i think and i feel, people are doing the same things as me now a days.

Equip with the wonderful media online communication from any sources in a set of our gadget called *handphone* THERE is no Super Wonder that this is far more practical and effective things to do.

with the handphone technologies now a days, we BRING the NEWS with us everywhere, we select the news we want to READ, we don’t need to sit  in front of TV to follow-up the NEWS – we have it handy on our  handset screen, we skip, browse and save the NEWS we want …. and many *on-spot* actions we can do with it.

the technology has leverage our capabilities to act more update with the topics that interest us, it makes things more exciting to explore more. Simple example is Me, i do love technology but the notion is not as strong as NOW. in the past to gather resources is not as Easy as now. but NOW! i can just building up my resources from any sources i can find on the online media be it from twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, google search – and one page bring me to another page, you keep tracing the tracks and bundle them up and stream it to ONE pipeline and BOOM! it is on your screen every morning just line up for you to READ and digest. Moreover they are 360 degree approach, sometimes you go a change to see the video etc etc.

in the other good side of it – we might kill less tress since most of the things NOW required less printing on the hardcopy. But I don’t know whether is there any other GREAT cost hidden from all this fast endeavouring growth of media technology to our humanity and civilization …. who knows!