the way we connect is DIFFERENT in 21st century

in the 20th century when someone declare that he is CONneCted to so on and so on, we gasp our mouth big. somewhere around the pipeline we know this GUY is someONE, he is CONNECTED. naturally it helps elevate this guy social hirarchy as well. to be connected to SOMeONE [i really mean SOMeONE] is a BIG thing in 20th century. to gain access to be connected is not easy, is either by chance or opportunity.

BUT NOW … OMG! don’t tell me NOW! when someone said proudly that she is connected to YokoONO, nobody will gasp their mouths anymore …. what you GOT a pair of eyes open big and a word “So……”.

don’t get me wrong …. I am connected to Yoko ONO as well as 260 thousands others on the surface of this planet, and oh! this is only the one that is recorded in Twitter, how about in Facebook, her blogs, her youtube, her social connections and bla bla bla …..

everyday we are easily granted the access to be connected with ANyONE and ANYbody on the surface of this planet. and NOT only being connected, we are too have a chance to read [hear] what they say everyday from the morning they just wake up till the moment just before they go to sleep. we even have a chance to follow or spot them right away exactly at the dot where they stand at that exact moment as well.

thank you to Mr. digital …. things are just getting easy now a days … not sure if things going to be OUT of hands for somepoeple as well  cause of this.