I connect back to Jakarta through Twitter

i have spent half of my life overseas, and going back to my home country for a week or two does not help me to have a better understanding of what is ~going on~ there. the short trip mostly spent for eatings, shoppings or hanging out with friends and families.

thank you to social networking now a days – i can connect back to my origin anytime and anywhere. i can have the feeling what is happening out there and see who, what, where and how JUST by following the tweets of some personas there. i hop from one profile page to another profile page. i browse who are they following and have a good feeling to decide whether i want to follow those as well.

by keep doing it continuously, without i realize it i have a wonderful pipeline that deliver me a good feeling of what is going on in Jakarta. Trust Me! it works like wonder! the dominant subject of their tweet has already enough to proof what is the main social discussion there.

Jakarta is big! when i said BIG – they are BIG, some persona can gather up to 230 thousand followers, which is much more than few celebrities in USA. and most of the followers are indonesian …. can you believe that.

with the number of populations amounting to 400 million, there is no special magic that Indonesia especially Jakarta hold a major influence on social networking. they can generate numbers, trend and eyeshot in the international media. they just need to have ENGLISH on their social networking and … voila!

in the other side of the coin – this must ALLERT the indonesian or the Jakartian – to be aware WHAT THEY want to broadcast to the world about themselves …. what is GOOD and BAD is up to them ….