Make things SImplE and Easy!

Simplicity is always GOOD! i believe on this strongly! you keep everything simple and easy to manage or deal with. This is applicable for daily life as well. The more you organize things around you, sort them out and clean them out, the easier they are for you. This is applicable for your social network database as well, such as the way you represent your blog, the way you create and assign tagging to your post/status and the way you group your contact/friend list.

my social network is still very small or consider very TINY! but i start to organize from NOW. i believe the smaller they are the easier for them to manage. i had spent for about 2 hours to organize my twitter contacts. i clear the unneccessary contact, add new lists and assign contacts to list. i am sure this 2 hours worth so much for the next time i handle my contact that might grow huge in twitter. Who Knows!

It is normal, once you are going into social network you will end up with managing your follower or people you follow. And we are all human and naturally we love be treated fairly, “the give and take” notion is still applicable on the social network as well. I follow YOU and you FOLLOW me … simple as that! unless you have special consideration that this norm can be bend. But If you are too much lenient on this, you will end up with a long list of tweets that has nothing to do with your interest at all. so be mindful with this.

twitter is different from Facebook! in Facebook you can select your contact! you request or approve your contact list unless you are running a fan page where everybody can just join in without prior notice from you. Therefore, Facebook is more classified and limited. you manage your contact from the beginning.

Twitter is different, once you open yourself to public, everybody can basically join in your chatting log. People from various sort of background, people you don’t know … just everyone! all they need to do is just click ‘Follow’ and they are in with you. the next day they can also click “UNFollow” and they are not with you anymore. It is very dynamic.

Hey! this is also applied on your daily life! don’t you want to cut  drama out from your routine? if so you need to be smart on picking friends as well, otherwise you will end up with unnecessary rock n roll! hahahah if you know what i mean here.

peace ….

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