Do you Agree Narcissistic in Facebook?

This new social phenomenon has emerged strongly in our day-to-day life since the birth of social media into our routine activities. It is a strong social trend especially on Facebook. I had to admit myself, sometimes I might be categorized into One.

The purpose of sharing in the social media world can be very confusing if we are not careful enough to analyze our purpose of being exist. We might not be sensitive enough to reconsider every post or status we publish on our public profile.

I have been in Facebook for about 6 months now, I grow and learn everyday from what i read or other Facebookers. When you spend time to observe and analyze each of the profile page of your friend or fanpage, I am sure you will understand what is the things hidden between the lines.

I read Reader’s Digest yesterday, i think it is an old version, published in January 2009. It has one short article only one page with a big picture of 3 beautiful women in the background taking their snapshot.  The article starts with this sentence: Right Here Right Now, Welcome to the 21st century, FACE IT: YOU LOVE YOURSELF. Take a look at my Facebook page, aren’t I gorgeous, glamorous and successful?

The article continue by claiming that Facebook is one of the social media mogul with almost 100,000 mil users [mind me this is 2009] with pages full of photos and updates on its users latest endeavours. but this page can reveal more than just the initial purpose of it, it can expose narcissist. Users tend to display glamorous self portraits, long list of friends and self promoting “wall” comments all indicated an unhealthy level of vanity.

But hey that was 2009! it was 2 years after Facebook was born. But NOW! it changes so much from just those narcissistic persona users! we are getting more and more smart users on the social media network. I am sure people are getting tired reading those artificial posting just to published someone’s else pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.

WE grow up, we learn from each other and we make our live better for us and for others! WE share knowledge, good experience, bad experience, motivational support, belief reminders and all the WORTH reading stuff with each others. We appreciate more the existence of social media in our daily life by doing this. There are so much to share in this life than just YOURSELF!

peace, love, share and harmony ……


3 thoughts on “Do you Agree Narcissistic in Facebook?

  1. Hi again, Refine….! I’ve been thinking of this matter since the begining of FB phenomenon. my sister (she lived in Spore too!) and I are really hate narcissistic, but yes, sometimes we still do it in our life via our social media network, right?
    well, thanks again….!

  2. btw… i hate it 4 myself being narcissis, but then i realize it is a very human nature…. and beside, we need to love ourselves (we have to!), then we are capable to love others….! what do you think, Ref?

  3. maya i agree with you! now a days, this is a way of expressing ourselves. i believe as long as we mean good for the reason it should be fine. ty for all your supportive comments.

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