Don’t you love the owl?

I have been socializing actively with the cute brownish and yellow beak owl. Sometimes I just have to wake him up! It is so cute to see him sleeping on your screen!

HootSuite is a website and online brand management service that you can download for free. You can publish your post, link, photos or even blog post from one media platform which is HootSuite to almost all your social media board like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Foursquare, MySpace and WordPress.

You can also schedule your post through this cute owl application. I do that for my blog post, i schedule them! So that i don’t have to write-up or make a special post for each post to each media online. One Shot for all!

It is very user-friendly to use and to set up. I conquer it within 2 hours and start diving into it for the past 1 week.

here is my dashboard look like:

Here some useful links related to HootSuite including the tutorial on how to install it. [i am a droid user, so this is a must] [tutorial] [setting up the account]

have fun and happy Owl-ing!

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