Daisy and Senecio! Alive Galery Review

In this modern day every possible knowledge is easily acquired. I remember in my childhood the knowledge could be something very exclusive especially if you came from the 3rd world country like my home country Indonesia.

Any extra general information or general knowledge only accessible from school through your regular curriculum. Everyone will have the same knowledge at the same age. Outside of top the knowledges belong to the Elite! The ones who can afford to buy encyclopedia for their own collection at home.

The greek mythology might sound very boring in school! I remember I always sleep during my history class. Who is Mona Lisa and what is her relation to Leonardo Da Vinci might be something confusing for me. Sometimes I wonder whether Da Vinci is actually her husband and so on.

But NOW! thank you for the digital era the modern communication and media technology. The information and the general knowledge is everywhere. They are making a beautiful constellation if you are hard enough collecting them one by one and group them nicely for your own personal use and references. The famous amos for general info source will be Google. Thank you to Google! This is one MUST have tool by modern parent today.

Today, me and my daughter went to the exhibition of Alive gallery. This gallery started in Korea. Basically in this gallery you will find the famous art pieces by all the maestro like Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Monet and so on. These pieces are group nicely by the era for the children to understand. The era start with the Ancient time which famous by the detail work from Egypt and their mythology, followed by the era of GOD with all the greek mythology, then the science art, the portrait art until the modern/abstract art. But what I want to emphasize here, the exhibition is not a regular exhibition that we would normaly see in any other art museum. This exhibition is an interactive media art. You can basically have a chat with Mona Lisa and see how the Osiris process the court judicial system through the ancient egypt work of art, as well as the talking to Greek gods and goddesses.

This exhibition is well indeed make the whole mystery of art become very interesting and approachable for children in any age. The interactive presentation that involve digital animation and sounds change the dogma of being “bored” in the museum.

My daughter enjoys so much, she keeps going back to Mona Lisa and have a chat with her. She is also amused by the work of Paul Klee the modern Swiss Artist who paint Senecio. The galery show the process of gathering the idea behind this painting, it is actually the painting of Paul Klee himself who adores daisy.

The only feedback that we can lodge in is the organization of media with voice interaction, they did not offer the headphone so every visitor can actually listen individually in peace. Today, it is very difficult to concentrate on one piece and appreciate it deeper due to too many voices around. Other than that! it was a great experience for my daughter even myself.

If you want to know the info about this exhibition check the following link:


and we have one exhibition on going in Singapore until 3rd of October at Downtown East Singapore.