Do you get involved when your child play?

My daughter is 6 years old, sometimes watching her mix around with different people and group during her play time is excited but at time can be a worried too.

When all is going good, all the kids are playing together in harmony, I have no worry at all. The only worried I have when the problem start to arise. Either one of the kids crying, fight between the kids or the parent of the other kid start to be a bit anxious over the children playing.

BUT most of the time, i try to relax and watch from far away. I try to give her opportunity to handle her social existence by herself. I let her choose and pick her own friends during the playground time. I let her handle the conflict by herself when she comes to me reporting a small incident between her and the other kids. I control myself as well and watch carefully when I see a peculiar behavior of a parent of the other kid. What I mean by this, my daughter tend to make friends very fast and become the lead of the action. Usually she will move around freely and other kids follow her. Sometimes, the other kids happened to be younger than her. And this young kid keep following her steps and moves that make the parent worried! Kids being kids, the judgement has not been sophisticated developed yet.

When this situation happened, I will try not to interact right away, stopping my daughter’s action to ease the parent’s mind. I will wait and watch and see how is the progress going for about 15 or 20 minutes. If this could not be helped and I will step over.

Usually I will call my daughter and explain to her nicely that the other kid is too young to do some of her action. I try to respect her position in front of the other parent. It is not easy sometimes, especially if she can not accept the fact. But she will learn eventually! this is the only chance for her to learn a situation and making the right decision.

So I would say, I DO get involve only for a very specific reason otherwise I will stay on the sideline and observe. Observing your own kids mix around with other is one way to understand them as well.

-small post right from Explorer Kid where all the Kids mix around and ramble together –