Do you Love your home? We do …!

Some people think weekend means “going-out”, “drive-out”, “eating-out” and all the stuff that requires you to actually go out your house and spend the time outside. There is nothing wrong with that. But for us, we are different! We spend our weekend on our own “special-way”.

3 of us Love our home so much. We feel home is the best place for us to relax and unwind after the hectic 5 full active days. My husband’s work commitment and his extra activities helping the community sometimes requires him to really rest body and mind. The same thing goes to my daughter as well, she has a full schedule during the weekdays with school, homework and her extra classes. Me, being the one who stays home most of the time, the fatigue goes the same weight of stress goes to me as well. I have to make sure the home runs smooth and tidy, my daughter complete all her school works and run here and there non-stop.

Therefore, we always look forward for the week-end. That is the only time we can really enjoy our home, eating the home cook made by mummy’s kitchen, watching the TV together or just have drinks, snacks and meaningful conversation. And I realize the most effective time for us to have a good conversation as the family is on the week-end at home.

We can talk hours and hours about many subject, mainly my daughter grooming and growing up while the subject busy reading or just hanging around us listening to our conversation. We can talk on the living room, dining room or on the bedroom. This is the only time that I can really address my concern and suggestion to my husband and he has the whole time to listen without any interruption.

We also enjoy watching the TV together. Our favorites channels are Discovery Travel and Living, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, BBC Knowledge, Animal Planet and Life Inspired from Mio TV. We enjoy watching the documentary program about history, travelling, culture, foods and animals. Usually this is also the good time for my husband to introduce some general knowledge to my daughter. They can get involve on a serious discussion over the program on TV. They discuss about many things depending on the show/program on that particular channel and time. I think my daughter general knowledge bank derives from here as well.

We also save money by not going out that requires transportation cost or just simply spending money to eat out. This is in good way, off course! *laugh*. We do go out too sometimes! We go visit the museum, exhibition or just neighborhood library.

Oh well! We are simple and we intend to keep it this way! Simple is the best for us.


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