Geek Mummy! Why not?

What would you think of a mum, a housewife and 42 years old will do during her free time? We are talking about 3 or 4 hours daily free time without any interruptions! Do you want to guess?

Lol! probably some of you would say: going marketing for today’s menu, engaging herself with a spa, busy burn her cholesterol at the gym, window shopping or just hanging out at the coffee corner with friends.

Well, those are just not me unfortunately. I rather spend my time to learn something new every time i have a chance to do it. Honestly adjusting myself to be a full time housewife from managing my work at the corporate life has not been easy.

The first few month after I resigned from work was smooth and easy. Everything is brand new at home, life is exciting a lot you need to do at home and to your daughter. Because they are the things you are not get use to do it. House chores become something new and challenging. Everyday you wake up and make plan what you have to do and complete for that day.

But after a while, the excitement start to decreasing, probably due to the regular activities, doing the same thing again and again everyday. You become the master of your own house! Everything seems to be very predictable and easy to do. You start loosing the ooze of it.

If we are not careful with this mood, we can drag ourselves to something very damaging i.e watch the regular soap opera of the Desperate Housewife or the old series of Dallas. *laugh*. You would not want to end up like one of them right? Or probably that would be your personal choice to kill your free time. Oh Well! There is nothing wrong with that, you know yourself better for sure!

However, since I am not interested on occupying myself with the Hollywood’s life style, I turn myself into something else. Something more exciting and i believe help to keep my mind fresh all the time. I can proudly announce myself as *a student for life* and reading is *my classroom*. This is cheap and bring so much inspiration to do better everyday for myself and people around me.

Everyday i force myself to wake up with full spirit and energy to learn something new. There are so much you can learn out there if you want to. You can learn about cooking, sewing, blogging, gardening or simply a better mother for your own children. Really! There are so much out there! The limit is yours! You manage your own target and achievement.

For me, I choose to learn I like and can be useful for my day-to-day-activities. I used to learn Montessori, I took a full time class and finish up with my license as a Montessori teacher. I learn many things from it and have been applying some of the knowledge I gained from the course to my daughter. I also try to learn sewing which at the end I failed big time, despite the fact that my husband bought for me the sewing machine. Now the sewing machine is there! Looking brand new all the time. I try few other things …. but at the end I know where my passion is.

I love creating something! Make something nice! Make something pretty! Make something different and share with others. I start to like blogging since the last 3 years. And this hobby is getting more exciting with the current trend of the social media involvement on the blogger life. That does not stop just there! The growing continues with the existence of smart phone that can connect your with any social media community real time and online. It keeps growing and growing everyday. The information pouring nonstop like a locomotive.

I start with SecondLife where I learnt about photoediting using photoshop and GIMP and working with 3D animation flash tool automated by SecondLife platform, continue with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Hootsuite and on and on. I am still learning, the process get renewed and bigger every time! From photo editing to writing and to photo taking and who knows what else coming.

Without you realize it time goes so fast! Those 3 or 4 hours gone and you have to split your time with other responsible.

I love it, it is dynamic and it is worth my time. I have a chance to see what I had made through the struggle of learning something new something bizarre something you would ever think you can do it.

Sometimes at the end of the day when I go back and see what I had done on the internet, i tap my self …..

“Congratz, You are a Geek Mum Now!”


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