Children book review: Woof A love Story

This book written by Sarah Weeks and illustrated by Holly Berry.

The story is pretty simple and straight forward for kids to understand. It is about a dog and cat who happened to be falling in love to each other. In the beginning of the story, it was illustrated how unhappy the dog is to find out that the cat could not understand every words he said when he tried to express his feeling to her. Until at the end of the story when the dog found a shine brass bone from underground [ a trumpet] and start playing a beautiful music all from his heart for the cat, then the cat could understand what he really meant for her. At then end they both live happily every after tough they do not understand each others words or their own spoken language as animal from different species.

When I read story for my daughter right before she goes to bed, there are so many things we can learn from the story book. Children story can be very simple and full with colors and interesting pictures. But when you look at it with an adult eyes and mind, you can understand what is the message between every lines that the author trying to declare.

This book is beautiful, to me it is telling us the story about differences but yet LOVE can conquer it. With LOVE, beautiful feeling one can understand each other without understand the language. The same with our society, tough we don’t speak the same language but somehow we can understand each other. We can help each other and we can appreciate one another.

Love is beautiful and bring togetherness, at least that is what the book want to tell the children when they read it. information about this book click this link Woof: A Love Story

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