What is positive *showing off* for kids!

Sometime while walking back home, me and Miza love to have a meaningful conversation about many subject. We love to talk about her favorite subject like Greek gods and goddess, her favorite toys or what is happening in her school. I always take this opportunity as the best time to share some value and knowledge with her.

Today we were talking about one of her school friend who loves to show off. She said, this friend loves to show off almost everything she wears in school. One day she can tell the whole class that she has a nice shoe, the next day about her bag and some other day about her toys and so on.

And this is not the first time she mentioned about this incident to school to me. I know the peer pressure is real out there, and the higher she will pursue her journey in the schooling system, she will meet more friends with many different characters and behavior. If this is not handled properly she will not be ready to face this pressure and might give her a negative impact.

We value modesty and simplicity in our daily life. We value knowledge more than just material items such as branded stuff. Therefore, we want Miza to understand to follow the same. At least this value system will help her handle the expectation in life. To live the life within your mean is very important! You get what you can afford. With all this fashion, style and brand items can be very misleading if not handle properly. People can hook up on high credit card usage, no savings and stress because of the social pressure and stress. We have seen it happening around us and we know how bad this can be to the person.

Therefore today when she opens up the discussion with this topic, I take this *golden* opportunity to explain to her what i mean by *positive act of showing off*.

Carefully I ask her, “do you enjoy the conversation when someone just keep showing off what they have like shoes, bags, clothes and toys?”

she pause a little bit to think. She answered me “Yes, in the beginning but after a while it is very boring!”

“Why is it boring for you at the end?” I asked again

“Yes! because I don’t get anything out of that. She just keep showing off what she got and the rest of us don’t have it”

Then I have to check this “Do you feel sad that you don’t have what she have?”

“No! because I don’t need it. But maybe my other friend will be sad because she can not have it”

“So do you think it is good to showing off what you have to your other friends?”

“No! you can make other feel sad or feel bad!”

In my heart I am glad she knows that showing off is not good. Then this is the good time for me to modify the negative act of showing off to the positive energy.

I told her ” Do you know that there is a way to show off in good way? When you do this showing off you will make your friend feel better and probably they will thank you for that”

Her eyes open big and ask me to tell her.

Then I start telling her this : Showing off something bigger than just shoe, toys and bags will make other feel better. You can show off to them how the sun helps the plants to grow the flowers. You can show off how wonderful the full moon is at night in the dark sky. You can show off that when you drop a stone into the water the stone will sink and the list go on and on.

“Ah! I know … you show off to your friends how the nature works! How our body works! How wonderful the planet is”

“Exactly! don’t you feel better when your friend share what they know about the nature to you? Don’t you feel good to find out that bee can help plants to pollinate? Don’t you feel good to see a beautiful painting from the book that belong to your friend?”

“Off course! I will feel better because I know something new and I will say thank you to my friend”

I smile and ask her “Now Miza, which one is bigger and more important? showing off about the bag you have OR how wonderful the rainbow can be?”

Like what I always said! Life is BIG! Much bigger than just yourself. What you know might be NOTHING compare to what other know! What you have does’not determine your character. The character is not made up of the things you wear, carry or have. It is what you have inside you, your character, your wisdom and your knowledge.

Peace! Love life to the fullest and you know what is the true RICH is!


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