Wedges! Suffering for Beauty?

I am a flat shoe girl! It has been all my life, I am on flat shoes. I remember 20 years ago, I might handle stiletto once a while. Hence, all the way flat shoes after those good years where I can stand gracefully on those high heels.

Yesterday! We have a family gathering where bunch of families get together to have a good time and good food. I saw some ladies wrap them selves with a stylist jeans and top, off course with their headscarf like I normally do now a days.

They look so trendy, long leg and beautiful walk just like a model on the catwalk. When I peek their feet! I know it, I am so knowing it! It is the heel that make that style of walking. The *wedges* that they are wearing.

Without doubt, the next day! I grab one wedges with spring color to match my blue jeans and feel of ready to walk in style. All looks good for me, jeans, my white tops, bag and not forgetting the new wedges.

First few hours, I was fine! Those walks are done smoothly. Even my daughter commented that I look good and tall with the new shoe. She name all types of footwear as *shoes*.

But after 4 hours! That is! My ankle start to hurt myself. I try to bites my lips and continue the walk! I could not bare it sometimes that I have to pretend I want to sit down here and there. Until finally I gave up, I could not barely walk with that wedges on. I hailed for taxi took the wedges off and hop onto the taxi. I walked off from the taxi bare foot and quickly run home.

No More for me! I told myself, how wonderful it is to be flat! Simple flat and touch my feet close to the ground! I choose to be comfortable and easy! Forget of suffering myself just for a style or a trend! That is not me :(

Lol! I don’t know how some girls can really bare those heels!

4 thoughts on “Wedges! Suffering for Beauty?

  1. I love stilettos! But they don’t love me. I end up having leg cramps. So I’m a flat-shoe girl now, and my legs are thanking me :)

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