Taking Action Books Series by Sarah Levete

When I visited Tampines Regional Library while waiting for my daughter, I bumped into this book and find more from this series. This book come from a set of collection under *Taking Action Against* by Sarah Levete and published by Rosen Central.

I pick this tittle and browse the books and find it very useful for the family reference. Today’s family is very complex and very challenging. There are so much social problem that contribute to the feature of modern family today.

Sometimes fail to communicate can bring our family into jeopardy. Today, we are very busy, everything move so fast and speed are unbearable sometimes. But we have to move on and keep progressing.  Little things are overlooked and sometimes those little things are very important.They are the ones that keep family together.

In simple word I can say : Love, Truth, Honesty, Warmth, Communication and Trust ~ are few things that people tend to forget. It is easy to talk or to write about it or even to think about it, but to do it might be another set of questions.

Well! this book help us to understand especially for teenagers why certain things happened this way and how we should counter it in healthy way. This book also teach the teenagers to be a responsible citizen as well as aware of the rule and regulation when come to social context.

For example from the book I pick, when you look at the table of contents you will see chapter by chapter, the book introduces us the understanding of the following points

  • What is family break up?
  • Why do family break up?
  • How do people feel in a family break up?
  • What happens when a family breaks up?
  • People’s attitudes to family break up?
  • The law and family break up
  • What challenges does the *new* family face?
  • Moving on
  • and some additional info i.e web sites and glossary

The writing is very relax and enjoyable to read with nice pictures inside to illustrate.

If you want to find more about these book series, click this link Family Break-ups (Talk About)

Parenting is not easy as 123 but it is not impossible to do. All the best!