Balloting for Primary School registration in Singapore! Sigh*

I never realize living in Singapore is all about calculation. Everything is formulated in certain way, things are structured and regulated including the Primary 1 registration. There is a whole formula for it and keep the hearth pumping for each parents. The registration is not that easy, especially if you are looking for school of your choice.

There are certain formula taken into consideration to be accepted on the school of choice, and the process for registration is taking into phases. In all, it takes about 1 month to complete the whole registration.

Therefore for parents who are new to this regulation and formulation especially a foreigner like myself, it is totally chaos if you are not prepared for it.

To make it short and to give you a better illustration, the phases for registration classified into 5 steps though they mentioned it 2 categories with each sub categories. Bare in mind! There is not test for acceptance or any financial involvement on this whole exercise. All the primary school in Singapore is public school, there is no such thing called private school. Everyone are going through the same process of applying for the school of choice.

Phase 1 – Sibling currently studying in the school of choice. If there is no sibling, bad luck, you need to apply to the next phase.

Phase 2A1 – Parent in school alumni association, if you are NOT, tough luck go to the next phase

Phase 2A2- Parent or sibling was the school ex-student. If not … next!!!!

Phase 2B – Parent join the parent volunteer program run by the school or the parent is an active community member within the school region.

Phase 2C – Based on the school home distance, preferably between 2 km from the school. if NOT! last chance

Phase 2C supplementary – 2nd choice, and if you miss this one … that is! the ministry of education will allocate the school for you

click here if you want to find out more about this.

Now! when you look into all these phases can you imagine, there are so much consideration you have to take into account when you want to register your kids for primary school. And if your kid has sibling, you need to think about the sibling when he goes to primary school in the future. It is all connected.

The same goes to you, what ever school you choose for your children can be the future school for your grandchildren and so on ….lol.

I am writing this post because, It is really like putting yourself into a bet of luck especially if you are not fall into any of those phases categories.

Would you continue dream big for the school of choice if you know for the fact you are not even qualified for each of the phases?

Bottom line is – go to the nearest school if you are not fall under any earlier phases. The chance for the nearest school is higher and it is convenient for your kids too. They will have enough time to rest and relax after school time.

Sigh! for us we are still not sure … we are still thinking of putting her in one of our school of choice but it is very far from home.

Let’s seeee … wish us a lot of luck! thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Balloting for Primary School registration in Singapore! Sigh*

  1. I would like to correct you that “there’s no such tjing as private school” in Singapore. Yes. There are private schools but all schools must conduct programmes in accordance with the programme of the Ministry Of Education. These are SAP schools and they are more expensive than public schools. .

  2. Eerie…i blogged about this topic too because next year my son is going to Primary school! hehehe

    SAP stands for special assistance programme, only available in selected secondary schools, i think. It is a programme for those who does well in both English and mother tongue. In this programme, other subjects (will be taught in mother tongue as well as English). Not sure though, please correct me if i am wrong.

    As for us.
    We chose Mandarin as the mother tongue for Aqila in the recent Primary School registration exercise. We are keeping our fingers crossed, though. Hope he can follow the lessons. For the past two years we have been sending him to Mandarin enrichment course, just so he becomes comfortable with the language. We are not putting any pressure on him. He doesn’t have to get distinction on this subject.

    oh btw, we registered him to a primary shool near our home. :-) no sweat….he is accepted allright :-)

    • heheheehe …. we are on the same page! my daughter is going to primary one too next year, but is daddy’s choice she is going to a girl school which is not school near home. i hope she can cope up with the commuting and still focus on her study.

      i like your blog too … YEAH! we both write about the same things hehehehe, I am glad to meet you. cheeersss!

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