When they know you love them!

i read this book : The Mother-Daughter Project: How Mothers and Daughters Can Band Together, Beat the Odds, and Thrive ThroughAdolescence . I always interested to find out how a mother and daughter relationship can be preserved for a long period of time. There are a lot of stories that the wonderful bonding built during the childhood suddenly broken or does not exist anymore. They become stranger to one another once the daughter reach her teenage period. They do not communicate to each other anymore and worse they hate each other.

The bonding between mother and daughter can be very fragile, therefore from time to time I like to spend my time to find out more about it from books, articles or browsing materials from the internet.

The book I had mentioned above is not the only book I read regarding this matter. But a lot from what I read telling us the same thing.

1. Make sure we build a good bonding with our child since they were young

2. Make sure we have a good and open communication since they were young

3. Make sure they know we love them truly and be there for them when they need it since they were young

When I read and analyze those points, honestly, those should be a natural thing happened between a mother and daughter. I believe those are the qualities of Mother’s truly love to their daughter or even their son.

The time we spend as parent with our children are precious. Those times can not be repeated, they are going forward as well as the growing up of our children. Sometimes those times fly very fast without you even notice it. The worse, when everything is too late and it is very difficult to mend.

I keep telling myself about it! Invest the best now especially love, care and attention for future benefit. I guess! with true love all these should not be difficult at all. It is mother nature!

Bonding is not the only benefit we can gain from it, based on my experience, a loved child is an obedient child. They tend to be easily to manage and reasonable. They can understand why do you want them to do certain things, because they trust us! They trust we do our best for them, for their own future because we LOVE them.

Love is a blessing, and our child is a GIFT! Treasure them! cheeerssss

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  1. I also want to preserve the bond with my child (my son). I’m so scared of the day when he turns into a parent-hating teenager. Hopefully if that happens, it will be temporary. I hope to have a lifelong close relationship with him!

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