How to motivate your child to read?

Do you notice for some kids reading are boring, but for others it is a need. Some kids just need to read and thirst for books. You can see from their eyes that they just love books and able to spend hours and hours for reading. I see them at the library or book store.

Honestly, I am not an avid reader myself, but my husband is. However I love to solve my problems through reading. I love to actually go out there and find the answer for my problems from books, internet browsing, articles or study it myself. So I am not sure If I can classified myself as avid reader. I read based on what I need! Good thing is, every day I always have something I want to discover, so reading become a habit for me too especially exploring reading materials.

I wish I can be an avid reader! Can you imagine this person? They are rich of knowledge and vocabularies. They can easily illustrate something in vivid manner by using words. You can exactly picture out the object they try to explain just by reading what they write. They are amazing. If I can turn back the clock, I want to be an avid reader myself.

In my opinion, Love of reading is something need to be cultivated, It is very difficult to form on the later ages. There are some people that just don’t love reading because of lack motivation. Based on my experience there are few things I do to invite the love of readings to my daughter.

1. story telling before bed times, I do this since she was inside me. I love to read loud myself during my pregnancy. I read many things, magazine, books, newspaper or children book. And when she was born, I continue the habit. I read for her before our bed time. We start with simple books with more pictures until the reference books. we read *How important the Sun is for our life?” during bed time story as well. I usually let my daughter choose the book.

2. go to library often. Try to make a library visit as a family ritual on the week end. I see a lot of families do that. They just hang around the library on week end. Dad reads newspaper, mum reads her own books as well as their kids. In Singapore the libraries are accessible. They are everywhere and near the housing area. Each of the library have their children corner with wonderful collections of books for Kids from different age. I usually allow my daughter to pick 8 books every week. We also discuss the reason why she chose that books before we decide which 8 to bring home.

3. ask your child to give you their own book review. it does not have to be a serious review, in relax manner you can lightly ask them, *why do you love this book?* or *why this book have this picture inside or on the cover, what do you think?* or *between this book and that book which one you like better? and why?*. i am hoping by doing this I actually giving out the opportunity to my kid to learn how to express their own opinion on something. There is nothing right or wrong when they do this. In fact it is interesting to see what they will say about something.

4. when your child ask something, try to refer them to book. Invite them to find the answer from books, dictionary, encyclopedia or even Google. Something one question leads to many discoveries for child. And being a child they can easily connected the ideas of subject to another subject. they can be so creative on connecting things around them. I believe this is a mind mapping process as well. They learn to break down their question with answer they found from their own discoveries through readings.

5. make books as incentive for things they do best at. instead of buying toys or giving out candies, why not over a book in return. make books something special for them. when they know book is special item, they will learn to treasure it.

6. create a small library at their room. a little corner where they can have their book shelf and teach them how to organize and sort their books by subject for example. they will love it, especially when you do it together. i keep telling my kid *look how rich you are, you have so many books on your shelf!*

I am sure there are many more lists from parents on how to motivate your child to read. Happy reading!