Facebook Page

I decided to split my Facebook personal account with my social media networking feeds. There are reasons behind it, I respect each of my friends on Facebook. I don’t want to spam their home-feed with post that they are not interested with. I rather they treasure me as friend, purely as friend. They have my Facebook profile page as the media to contact me through the Internet.

I reroute all my social media activities to my Facebook Page. Those could be my video from YouTube, Flickr Photo Stream and my Digging on Digg etc. If any of my friends from Facebook are interested to catch up with my Social Media activities feed, they can just easily hit the *Like* button on my Facebook Page.

I don’t like spams, and I can understand how others will feel as well. Beside having a page on my own is another tool to explore and learn. Let’s see what I can maximize from there.

Oh well! It is a short post, just to update what is happening on my Internet world as now. Thank you! Cheerss