Creative Thinking 101

When I studied in NY, this is one of my favorite subject. I never miss this class, what ever it takes winter, hot summer or part time job, I will make sure I don’t miss this class. I just love the whole thing about this class. The professor, the friends around and the ambiance of the class. We do a lot of interactive discussion on many different subject, presentation in front of class and go out find interesting things to write about and analyze. No wonder the American are the greatest Inventor ever in our planet so far!

This subject is very dynamic and keep your mind active and alert. It gives your mind to seize the opportunity to think outside the box. There are a lot of books about it out there. And you might want to check some description about Creative Thinking on this link.

Do you think we can apply this method on our day to day life, YES! why NOT! the key is to keep your mind busy finding solution on something that occur on your day to day life. There are a lot out there you can do! Trust me! I give you some examples.

1. organizing your weekly menu and match it to your shopping list

2. sorting out your books, emails, contacts or even friends. To make it more exciting you can tag friends category on your contact list even it is on hand-phone.

3. push your self to analyze something your 5 senses stimulates with be it movie you watch, music you listen, friend you met, incident that is happened and many more. always train your self to have an opinion of it. jolt it down if you need too, and you will amaze with what you see on the paper.

4. learn something NEW, something completely different from your area. choose something interesting and involve your creativity. there are  lot out there, photo editing or even playing dress up games.

5. reorganize your house, move around your furnitures and give a thought why do you want to put certain things in certain way. WHY? WHY? and WHY?

the list can go on and on infinity, everyone have their own things that they can tweak and make it something brand new. Some friends like to experience with cooking and sewing, and WHY NOT! they are all a part of being creative.

Hello! it is about time to get out there and be creative! Don’t just stay home and day dreaming for something you don’t even NOT sure about! lo …. All the best