7 good things about Taekwondo

I did my Taekwondo long time ago when I was in my Secondary School and close to my black belt.

Based on that experience there are 7 benefits for kids when they go to learn and be active in this sport.

1. Team Building – kids learn how they can interact with each other and adjusting them selves to their roles in a big group. In Taekwondo seniority is very important and we need to respect each other according to our belt-rank.

2. Responsibility within the Team – we used to do some exercises that required us to work within team. The winning or the loose of the team become everyone’s earned. For good or for bad, everyone try to do their best to work as team. Kids learn to listen to each other and follow instruction between team member. Usually leadership will be formed naturally among the children.

3. Resilient – there is nothing new about this with any sport discipline. Kids learn how to endure their perseverance against the hard way of physical training that hopefully build their mental strength as well.

4. Precise and Focus – we need to master this in order to kick the right spot on opponent body otherwise you will keep missing the kicking. In a way this help kids to formulate the working system to their minds as well as their to day-to-day activities.

5.Discipline – be on time and be there during the exercise is IMPORTANT. when you miss this quality, you will end up with punishment after punishment. And you don’t want everybody looking at you because of this lack of discipline.

6. Tactic and Strategy – when you do the sparing you need to know this skill, when you need to do your high kick, back kick or front kick. Understand what is your opponent move is very IMPORTANT. A lot of sparing within team member help build this skill.

7. Fair Play – when you loose mean you loose and accept it with BIG HEART! you still need to bow for respect to your opponent, no matter what!

Enjoy the video I took during my daughter Taekwondo class!