do we need Extra Class for our KIDS?

Sometimes I heard negative comments from Parents who disagree with sending their kids for extra classes. First of all, we need to see what kind of extra classes those kids are taking. If this is another repeatable activity for what they are doing in School? or this is another activities that parents force the child to take without considering whether the kids are actually liking it? That would be a different story.

IF these classes are something NEW for them and they enjoy going to the class for FUN and Mingle around with FRIENDS? Why Not! This is a good way for them to fill up their time with some GOOD stuffs to do instead just watching TV or spending time in front of the computer hours to hours.

There are so much extra activities that kids can do, i.e. piano, ballet, swimming, self-defense, art class etc. If you live in Singapore, all these extra courses are everywhere and easily to find. The course fee is also vary from expensive to the very affordable fee. You can check with the Community Center within your neighborhood, usually they have wide ranges of classes for kids with a very affordable fee. Click here to check some of the Singapore Community Center around your house.

On top of maximizing the quality time for kids, these extra activities can help develop other aspect of their growing up. Some help their discipline, creativity, focus, social skill etc.

In my opinion: choose wisely and discuss with your kids!