When I am down!

Do you know being SAD, DOWN, HEART BROKEN etc are GOOD things? Read this short article about being SAD and the good thing about it, here.

Sometimes I celebrate myself of being sad in my unique own way. I also do the same to my daughter, my husband, when come the time I know they are not on their best mood, I will just let them have it. Sometimes I leave them alone and let them settle their feelings alone. Time will mend it eventually. For my daughter’s case sometimes, I am just there, *listening* to what she has to say.

When people are sad there might be 2 things that they really NEED : they need their own space to mend it OR they need someone to listen to their anger or frustration.

But on this post, I want to share with you how I celebrate my sadness in my own way! Sounds funny right, But Hey! Maybe you want to give it a try one day.

  • When I am down I usually love to listen to music. Depend on the situation sometimes I just want to release my frustration and take my time. If this is the case I usually choose slow music that just let my mood sway. But if this is something that make me angry and I need to bounce back quickly, I choose music that can boost up my mood back in track. So Yeah! Music is one.
  • I pray [you can pray on your own way]. I will just release out my sadness or anger during my pray. I let it go, sometimes I can cry so hard during my pray. I am not looking for answer or solution here, I just need to release it out from my heart. I can sit on my pray for hours until I feel I have let go what needed from my heart.
  • I go out, I take a good shower before I go out, I dress up myself and put on a nice make up, make myself feel really good and GO OUT! Walk out from the house, smell the fresh air outside and just relax, take a slow walk around your neighborhood. Sometimes I go to the mall and just pick a nice cup of cappuccino. I sit down enjoying my cappuccino while waiting for the time goes by and watch people passing by.
  • I write and write be it on my blog or my paper. I write what I think about it and Why I am not happy about it. Sometimes writing can be the best solution. Without realizing it, I actually find my solution to the problem.
  • Talk to friends. I try to minimize this honestly! Sometimes talking your problem out to others might not be a good solution after all. It can make the problem worse. People’s opinion might not be correct all the time. I learn from my past experience sometimes when you open up your problem to others it get even more complicated. So I choose to minimize this solution ever!

There are many ways to boost up your mood when you are down. Every person have a different approach to this, and you can judge which one is best for yourself by experiencing it. Which ever way you choose, the most important thing is, YOURSELF! You bring yourself BACK to track and keep the wheel of life moving into the right direction. WE are survival, we don’t let problem over rule us …. All the best everyone and thank you for reading.