I love my Teacher!

Teacher’s day is coming, it is going to be at the end of this Month. This special day gives me some inspiration to write this post today.

Once I was a student too, I can tell you I was not an easy student. I think a lot of my teachers gave up their hope on me. That is why I never be able to do my BEST in school. Passing grade is always a LUCK for me, really! I used to hate school, to me school is boring. My husband is another different story, lol, he used to be teacher’s pet, all the teachers just *Love* him cause of his attitude in class.

Coming from 2 different back ground during the school year we both conclude what should be done for Miza. Definitely I don’t want her to fall into my track, that was not a good experience and I regret it a lot. I wish I could do better in school.

I remember one of my friend used to complained about her daughter’s teachers. She always complained that teacher is not good, rude and does not give full attention to her daughter. Her attitude is always negative when come to her daughter’s school or teachers from many different source, be it her formal kinder garden, her piano teacher or her kumon teacher. I used to discuss about her attitude with my husband, and try to get his opinion on this matter.

And we both agree! No matter what *LOVE YOUR TEACHER*, this is the first positive attitude that kids need to master in order to love their learning. If, we are as parent portrait a negative attitude toward our child’s education be it school, curriculum or the teacher, HOW on earth you are going to motivate your child to love school and everything about school? Tell me about it.

Our attitude is very important. Our kids see what we are doing including our opinion and thought. They watch their parents like hawks. If we are always in negative aspiration, don’t expect so much that our kids will pick up the positive about it.

Therefore I am always be careful on giving my opinion or aspiration about her school or any of her teachers, be it her kumon teacher, balet, swimming and you name it. Even one of her teacher that I think is a bit rude, but I try to empathy her, maybe it is because her language barrier, she is from China and she does not speak English well, therefore expression might be a problem for her. The way she coach Miza sometimes is beyond my way of coaching. But, I chose to stay on the sideline and see how Miza respond to it. I never show any negative opinion toward this teacher at all IN FRONT of Miza. And so far she is JUST fine! Everytime I asked, “do you like your piano class?” , “Yes! I love it”. And she has no problem of going to the class so I believe all is fine.

I know all her teachers, and if she can handle her piano teacher well, she should be fine with the rest of teachers :)

On top of that, I believe this is a part of EQ training for our kids. They need to learn to adapt to any given circumstances and environment. They need to learn instead of running away from the problem, they step forward and face it for real. They dare to conquer their uncomfortable level and convert it into positive synergy. The tougher you go the stronger you are, simple as that. And teachers are human, they have their own character and attribute. Our kids need to understand this and learn how to bare with it.

Off course we will never tolerate any abusive behavior from teacher to our kids? But we need to be wise to determine the abusive term. This link give you some guidance about it. We also must be careful when our kids reporting abusive teacher, some kids lie, read here.

Overall, It might be small thing for you, but trust me every condition that a child learn is a part of their character building. All the best.