Singapore Public Libraries – Thank you!

If you live in Singapore, and you have not spare your time to visit the local libraries, my suggestion is *YOU SHOULD, GO THERE NOW!*.

You could not imagine what kind of local public libraries this red dot country can provide to the community. Great books collection from many different subject including books for kids as well. Nice atmosphere and concept of library that make you feel home and relax. And the kids’s corner is just amazing, they are really designed for kids, to invite their mind to love reading and explore library. Moreover they work together with school to introduce library to kids.

We love to go to the library so much! We just love it! We come for reading, studying or just hanging out and waiting for any open programs that we can join up i.e book reading club, art and craft etc.

Yesterday when I went to the library in Pasir Ris, which is near our home, I found these brochures on top of children book shelf. Too bad I could not take pictures inside the library, so I picked some of them and brought them home to read.

These are *The Path FInder*, The National Library Board had actually printed these brochures and place it for everyone to pick up and read for FREE. They are nice printing materials with rich of information for parents or kids. Basically, these Path Finder help the kids to organize their thought when come to do research in library. We can use it as guidance, even for us as an adult, we can use it as the guidance to organize our working paper.

For examples from all those Free Path Finder that I collect yesterday I have: Adventure and Fantasy, Rhymes and Poems, How many planets are there?, What is sweat made of?, Horor, Parent-child communication, Helping reluctant readers etc.

Inside each of the Path Finder you will have the following content:

  • Introduction – basically to introduce the background of the tittle of the subject written on the path finder
  • Search terms and Call Numbers – showing the library materials that correspond to the subject. It give you the table that consist of the Search Term and Call Numbers.
  • Books – list of books description that relate to the subject, Tittle, Authors, Publishers, Call Number, Description
  • Websites – List of website that can correspond to the tittle such as the Tittle of the website, URL and description.

NOW! all these path finders are actually placed on the book shelf for early primary school ages. Can you imagine what is the purpose behind it! Isn’t that great, the library is not only helping the child to understand the *know-how* of doing the research paper on their own one day, BUT HELPING the parents too …. some of us might not know how to do it and have problem how to guide our children later when come to their school projects. But! With all these path finders lying around on the library for FREE, it solve a lot bunch of hassle for parents.

So What are you waiting for! Quick head off to the nearest library to home.


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  1. Eh…why i never come across to these flyers in library?

    Wah….maybe because i was enjoying my coffee from the library cafe more compared to browsing for books? LOL

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