I wish I can have more hours in life!

Have you ever wished that you can have more than just 24 hours a day? Have you ever wondered that life is speeding so fast now a days compare to the time when were just kids? Have you ever regret there are so much time we wasted in our past? Have you ever wish that you can turn back the clock and do better in life?

I do …! And when I fell or think about it, there is nothing I can do really! What ever gone is gone, it is hard to repeat! And I am close to one century of my life! I can not go back to the time when man just create clock and negotiate with them to extend the hours on a day, because it is just impossible to negotiate the earth to slow down the rotation speed. Everything is connected and there for reason.

The same with *CLOCK*, it is there for reason! It is our reminder of TIME! Because we are here within a certain period of TIME. WE are not here forever, just like any living thing, we are natural organic, we will die one day. so CLOCK reminds us of THE END of our TIME! Maybe that is why it is forbidden for the Chinese to give CLOCK or watch as a gift.

This is also the reason we put CLOCK on the spot of the wall where our eyes will SEE. And automatically from time to time we will spot this OBJECT without fail. Some of us even wear it! Our body system build is such a way that we can not run away from peeping to the CLOCK.

Tick,tock,tick,tock! It keeps reminding us every SECONDS! …. it seems it is telling us “tick,tock,tick,tock … watch out! your time is running up!”

Oh GOsh! Don’t remind me of this! I know every second is precious! IT is fast and speeding sometimes.

BUT it is very important, to take a break and looking deep down into our inner soul from time to time. It allows us to take a long deep breathe and ask to our own inner soul.

“What have we done to ourselves, people we love, the society, the world, the animals, the planet and our faith?” – close your eyes and hear what your heart will tell you.