Happy Birthday …

We are not a type of family who celebrate birthday BIG TIME! Like many others maybe who will have a big party full of blast and fun with colorful balloon around as well as food with special menu design for the occasion. And off course a Birthday Cake, nothing can be called Birthday celebration without the cake.

Back home in my country, a birthday is like a BIG SPEND dAy .. friends will gather around us and ask for a treat. You deserve to spend your money before getting your wishes … Whereas in US, is on the other hand, who ever have the birthday will get the TREAT from everyone around. So make sure RUN to US when come to your birthday!

In Singapore is almost the same as in US, people will come down and give you a treat or a nice special gift. Or you invite friends and family over to your house to celebrate the Birthday.

But ever since I got married, this tradition is no longer exist. My husband is really a simple and very practical man. Since the day we went on date, I already knew that he treated Birthday the same as many other days. But he will make a special attempt to pass you a nice sweet card and gift.

I picked up this habit easily as well since I move to Singapore. Being away from the family and not much friends around, due to my work commitment that required me to travel, a special Birthday celebration is out of my consideration. So A BIRTHDAY is just like any OTHER DAY!

This value seems to be passed to our daughter as well. She is not into a BIG HAPPENING or THING for her Birthday. The most is we go out for dinner as family, celebrate with friends in her school with a nice mouthwatering cake and a chance to hand pick her own GIFTs from toys R us or any book store.

We have been doing it for the past 3 years to her and she get used to it. She is such a good girl, She never complains or demands so much out of it. We feel blessed that she pick up simplicity for her birthday.

This year suppose to be a special day for her, this is her last birthday celebrated in her preschool before her formal year of education start, however it is right in the middle of the Muslim Holly month of Ramadan, where all of us are performing our fasting. We take this into consideration, and usually at night time, we are all busy with our praying and break fast with family. Therefore we explain to Miza that we will just do a nice simple gifts for her friends at school so they can remember her for long time.

Finally we decided to make a goody bags for her friends with a story book inside and a cute cup cake that they can bring home and eat during break fast time. To make it more special, Miza write her own special notes for each of her friends on the book so they can always remember that book is from Miza. She hand picked the book herself, she actually picked specific book for specific friend … and only her know the reason! :) She told me …. secret!

Oh well … Happy Birthday my dearest Miza, and thank you for being such a wonderful daughter to us. Your obedient to us is without doubt! You are very reasonable young little girl who can accept why certain ways must be done in certain rules. Your hard work and commitment to continue do your best for your own future. And most of all … your unconditional love to us as your parents despite the mistakes that we might unintentionally done to you. We are so blessed that you came into our life, you give us purpose on our life mission and something to look forward always.

Happy Birthday my dearest girl! and Happy Birthday Indonesia, my dearest country where I was born and my family stay.

Cheeerss everyone!

p.s: I am bit tired maybe you can see from my writing, fasting month is not as any other normal month! hehehehe and we went out for the olympic games today despite the heavy rain outside, so it is really draining me out. But Tomorrow is my daughter’s special day. So I post this … thank you for reading.