Youtube Music PlayList – Amazing!

I remember when I was a kid, my dad used to collect a lot of good musical plates [ yeah, the black round thing like a plate and played on a gramophone/disk player]. He really loves each of his collections, I think they are Gold mine now, sitting nicely at my parent house. And he really collect good rich collections of music from different type of gender, however his most favorites pieces are Jazz, Bossanova and Big Band type of music.

Since I was a kid MUSIC is a part of our daily LIFE, I wake up and go to sleep with music on my ears.

I remember the trouble he has to face in order to collect his musical plates. He had to go out there and look for the plates, since most of them are imported and quite pricey at that time. The hobby continues to my brother who was doing exactly the same as my dad.

Now! With all this technology on the internet the hunting become so easy to do. Can you imagine, all I need to do is sit in front of my laptop and log into the internet. There are many online media now that allow you to browse for music some are for FREE some are not. Above all,  I love Youtube. I like the quality of the sound resolution on my laptop from Youtube as well as the search engine that give me fast finding as well as leading me to another good findings in the same related search content.

Furthermore, from those findings I can easily create a playlist tittle and add those video into it. I compile the video music and name the play list as what I like. I can also easily share my playlist on any social media by grabbing the url link or simple copy paste the embedded code.

Once the list is made, I can easily call the list and play it on my laptop nonstop and randomly. This is just like having my own MP3 on my laptop. Moreover I can open this list from almost any internet media tool as long as I can log onto my YouTube account. I can listen to my music play list from my smartphone, my netbook or friend’s computer/handphone. Basically I can access this play list from anywhere at anytime.

The next best thing to building up the list is very easy and fast. You keep your search engine open on Youtube, you can type the search based on the music gender, the tittle of the song, the artist, the album etc. And once you found the one you are looking for, you can easily see a lot more options in similar search type on the right side of your youtube screen. You can click the options offered by Youtube and continue to do the same to the next one and so on. Without your realize it, in about 20 minutes time you can have 26 good video songs on your list.

Check out my bossanova play list, click here. Happy browsing and jammin! Cheers.