Integrating your Social Media activities

I am an active users for the following:

Facebook, Facebook Page, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Digg [broken link now], Delicious, Tumblr, Buzz, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

You can actually click the *FOLLOW ME* buttons on the left side of my blog and check if they are all active and exist :p

Maybe some will wonder how the hell I manage so much social media feeds actively, do I actually go in one by one and update them one by one?

The answer is : *Off Course Noooooooo…..*

I will be going crazy if I have to do that one by one, I don’t have time for that. My key is, I link them all, I syndicate them all. But to do this, I need to mind map my social media and decide how the relation should be. I don’t want to have duplication posting on each of the social media feed. It shows that I don’t take a serious effort to organize them well. Off course you need to test the feed to see how they work, before you can safely said *I am done!*.

First of all, I need to decide which one is my main pool and distribute them around. Do not forget, I like to write and update from my android smart phone too, so I have to take this into consideration as well.

Here are some of the things I do in order to manage my Social Media activities, they keep changing from time to time as the social media tools are changing as well. Change is good, it keeps me abreast with the technology from time to time.

1. Currently my main pool for blogging is my wordpress blog and my android phone. I am using tumblr as my phone blogging now. I set an auto wall post option from my blog and my phone tumblr to my Facebook page. And from my facebook page, I distribute it over to twitter.

2. When I browse and I found interesting link/url to keep, I will save it to my delicious. I syndicate my delicious to tumblr which eventually will be posted to my twitter and Facebook page.

3. I upload my photo and video to YouTube and Flickr, I syndicate them to tumblr which eventually will be posted to my twitter and Facebook page.

4. And I love to tweet and re-tweet from HootSuite, I love the way this application do the streaming. So YEah! I read my twitter from Hootsuite, be it on my smart phone or laptop.

Based on this set-up, my Facebook Page and Twitter is the main pool for all my media activities. If you are interested to follow my full activities you should connect to my twitter or Facebook page.

My Blog is my own work inspire by many things happening around me, be it from the things I see, read, hear or smell :p, it is my own piece of MIND, my own license of work. You can grab the rss feed from my blog or simply friend me on Twitter or Facebook page to be able to get an update on this.

If you notice … Social Media is FUN way to explore … is one way to teach myself to be ORGANiZEd all the time too ..


3 thoughts on “Integrating your Social Media activities

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  2. Whoa….interesting article. Been wanting to do that for sometimes….tapi do not know how to. First of all…i am not a tech-savvy person hehe. I only use facebook and flickr. Do not wish to start foursquare for a very silly reason, and seldom upload anything to youtube…i think i’ve already forgotten what my password is! LOL

    Ajari dong….pingin ngerti dan bisa dan bikin juga :) hehe

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