What is the *good* of being defeated

“Success is ALSO the ability to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – quoted by Kiran Sachdev

For the past 12 days Singapore held the first Youth Olympic Games, from these experiences I witnessed some heart breaking moments when someone or a team defeated. When I see this scene, I try to put my self onto their shoes and give my empathy to them. I know it is not easy! This is the most difficult time in everyone’s life when you just realized that you have been defeated, you LOST it, you FAILED … what ever you want to call it! The feeling and the emotion is the same.

And when you take this emotion and apply it to the young or children, can you imagine how difficult this situation might be for them. Especially when you know they had put their best effort to win the competition and yet they failed it. Can you empathize them? Can you? as parent …. would you? or could you?

Failure is not easy to accept! Without proper handling, this can be a traumatic experience that can actually lead to negative experience. Someone can basically change their positive attitude toward working their best because of this. Someone can quickly label them selves as total failure without even considering 2nd chance. Someone can actually broken their heart deeply and go into depression or unnecessary stress.

NOW – when you see that quotes above by a friend from Facebook, hold that words close to your heart and give a reflection of it. Those words are very powerful! And this should be a value system we share or teach to our children when they discover the competition experience.

Again like I had mentioned on my previous post: Keep doing the best for the sake of your own self NOT just for the sake of the competition.

Have a good morning everyone!