Miza’s Diary – She cares so much about the Environment.

My daughter, Miza is 6 years old. She loves to copy what ever I do, including blogging and writing journal. Yesterday, while I was on my Facebook passing comments, replying inbox etc, she was quietly working on her new diary post. We bought this stylist looking journal for her drawing actually. She loves to draw things around when ever we go out, that is why I bought this cute little book for that. There is no lines inside the journal because * I don’t think this is for writing*.

But it is okay, this is her journal, she is FREE to express her feeling, emotion and aspiration through any types of media be it writing or drawing on this little yellow book. And it is always FUN to see what a young child put on it … somehow you can see what is their interest and things they care about in LIFE.

This is Miza btw


7 thoughts on “Miza’s Diary – She cares so much about the Environment.

  1. MashaAllah! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that very young children care so much about the environment. Miza is very talented, and not only that, she is very sensitive towards her environment. And you did a great job providing her with a medium to express herself. Please give my love to her :)

  2. Reading Miza’s journal created a lump that is stuck in my throat. I feel like crying because her thought is so touching and heartwarming, to know that such a young child can have a very mature thinking.

    God bless you Miza, you are so wonderful. Fine, you are raising such a fine child! Good job mum :-)

    • dyah! you are right, if you think about it, the planet is for them in the future. and yet, all of us now wasted a lot of it, without even think about the future of our generation. we are living in borrow time … hope everything is gonna be fine for them.

  3. Love your story Miza and your diary too. It’s lovely and cute.

    It’s beautiful, love to read her thinking about earth. two thumbs up for you mom :-)

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