It is not just about wing and grading :p

After school as usual me and my daughter always have a chat for what is going on in the school today. And again for many times now she mentioned one of her friend who likes to show off things to her be it what she owns or what she has achieved. I hope this is just an *imaginary* friend, and I hope this girl will eventually learn there are more things in life than just showing off.

“Mummy, my friend told me she is going to have wings for her ballet class!”

“Mummy, my friend is already green belt on her tae kwon do!”

“Mummy, my friend said she can do multiplication on her own!”

and so on and on ….. almost every alternate day my daughter will mention this to me. I usually ask whether she only does this to my daughter only or to all her other friend. My daughter said, only to her :p. I wiggle a bit when I heard this, then I suggest her to move away or just to ignore it, and it seems this girl is very persistent, she will follow my daughter just to tell about it. So I guess, my daughter has to live with it, hopefully for not a very long time from now ….lol.

But anyway! every kids will show off some how. They are kids, being kids they are allowed to make mistake and learn from it in life. As parent, it is our job to inspire them to do positive things off course.

I told my daughter many times, there is no way we can control what people will do to us. She will find more people with challenging character as she grow older and grow up. She has to learn to live with it and how to manage herself to respond to it. Therefore a lot of our discussion when come into this topic is, HOW she should respond to the situation and move on from it.

Go back to example given by my daughter yesterday, I will then have to remind her the basic purpose of every action she does in life.

“So do you think which one is more important on learning tae kwon do? the green belt or to UNDERSTAND the correct step and do it right?”

then she answered me ” the steps and do it right!”

“For the ballet, which one is more important *the wings* or learning to do the correct ballerina skipping and galloping?”

again she answered me “the skip and the gallop”

and i conclude to her ” There you go! you know what is the right thing to do. WHAT is more important for you to understand and to learn”

then she smile happily “Thank you mummy for reminding me!”

It is true! It is not just about accomplishment, leveling up, grading up, performance it, pass it! IT IS MORE than just that! Those are just the OUTSIDE … what is more important is the INSIDE. WHAT do you gain INSIDE from what you learn.