Teaching with YouTube

As much as I have been tightly cautious with Youtube when come to share some of the video with my daughter, I also deeply like the fact that there are many GOOD things you can learn from YouTube that you can share with your kids.

I have been using YouTube to introduce many things to my daughter. A lot of science information has been packed nicely and interesting for kids to understand. Science is not the only thing exist in YouTube for kid’s sharing channels. There are stories and pictures of the God and Goddess from Greek Mythology as well as a story reading. The speech from some great speakers in our century that share value, life conduct and aspiration about life that our kids would be able to listen and appreciate. The creative video work with animation or no animation that display some general knowledge about humanity, eco-friendly environment, poverty, humanity mission, moral value, quotation etc etc. The list will get longer and longer.

So really! Youtube is not only about songs and dance or movie :p

All you need to do type your key word on search and you will amaze with what you can find from there. And it will link you to another video within the same topics. So the search will continue endless – But like i had mentioned above, be mindful when you want to share your YouTube finding with kids.

Introducing Youtube can be a pandora box for our kids, so please be mindful. Honestly, I block Youtube from my daughter computer log in. She can only view youtube when she is with me. I even spend time to sit down with her and explain what are the things she can find from Youtube, and why some of them are not good at all and why some are valuable information that contains great value to be shared within the community. I don’t allow her to explore YouTube by herself, I always make sure I am with her when she wants to explore YouTube.

So again! Yes there is a bad and good thing about YouTube – therefore parent’s discretion is needed until you feel comfortable that they can handle this social media channel alone. Internet savvy and security is important, and every modern parents need to know.

All the best!

4 thoughts on “Teaching with YouTube

  1. aesop fables, technology and wonderful music videos are also in you-tube. I do cognitive teachings and paiget, mashmallow tests are also easily available…

    • exactly! i picked up a lot of teaching material from here too. but i usually spend time to browse around the whole other video too before i present it to my daughter. you never know! the whole list of video on the right side might not be appropriate for younger viewer.

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