What is parenting? – a question for my blogging experience

I have endeavor on my parenting journey for 6 years now, and this basic question *What is Parenting?* has never disappear from my mind. This is also the basis for me to dig further from the internet, books, parenting discussion and classes.

Just like in a corporate life, It is always good to have the corporate mission statement, and introduce the mission/vision to the rest of the member of the corporate. The better the understanding of it, the better the execution will take place. It is also important to keep bringing back our selves back to the track and focus on the importance in order to achieve the goal of the mission statement. Loosing focus is the first killer that will drift us away from reaching the right direction. The same opinion goes for parenting as well.

There are many books, blogs, sites, videos or classes out there about parenting. Sometimes it can become overwhelmed and mislead us if we are not too careful.

I, myself is still learning as well. How I wish we can read the future and see the result of our parenting, so that we can correct the mistake that we might had done to our children. But there is no such opportunity in this life. Parenting is like *a mystery of life*, all you can do is trying your best and be prepared for the worst. Loving our child unconditionally is still the most important part as being a parent.

This is also one reason I keeping up with this blog. This blog help me focus on my journey of parenting. I record down what I found through my browsing and reading. I take time to reflect what I had just learn and write it down on this blog. Sometimes after writing down for it, I have a better understanding and anytime in the future I can go back and read through things I had learnt.

I have found this sentences from one of the browsing I had done on the Internet. I really like this sentence it help give me focus on keeping up with parenting experience. I will quote here:

“Good parenting is parenting that helps children succeed in school,” he continues. “It promotes the development of intellectual curiosity, motivation to learn and desire to achieve. It deters children from anti-social behavior, delinquency, and drug and alcohol use. And good parenting is parenting that helps protect children against the development of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other types of psychological distress.”

This is a sentence i pick up from The 10 Commandments for Good Parenting, by Laurence Steinberg a psychologist from Temple University. Based on his research there is no such thing as *Perfect Parent*, they just don’t exist as he declared. I agree with it strongly. We just need to be realistic about it. What is exist is learning parent who has a wonderful mission for their child rearing to help their children sail safely on their personal own journey in the future.

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Thank you for reading this post, once again we need to remind our selves each day ~ There is no perfect parenting~, but there is no such thing ~we can not learn~, everyday is a journey and focus on what our goal is as important as achieving the result.

All the best and happy parenting :)