good things about watching theatre performance with kid

It has been a while since Miza was 4 years old we start bringing her to watch the stage performance, be it a dance performance, drama/theater, orchestra, singing or poetry reading. She enjoy it, sometimes she even ask for it when she saw a new art performance available for kids when we pass the SISTIC ticketing counter at the mall. There are 2 main groups that deliver good quality performance for kids in Singapore, Act 3 and I Theatre on top of guess performance like Disney on Ice, Hi-5 etc.

Miza is 6 now, we stop option for Disney show or other kids character performance like Barney, Thomas and Friend etc. We try to focus on serious stage performance like drama and orchestra where the classic piece of art were performed.

Stage performance is like a story telling come alive. The children are actually have the chance to see and listen to the real dialogue being performed on the stage. It require concentration as well for children to follow and understand the story. The children need to sit down quietly for about 45 minuet to 1 hour and observe the story line being told through acting and conversation.

I usually will let my daughter read the book/ story prior going to the theater performance. By reading the book prior of the show give her a good understanding of the story line so she can relate better to the performance itself. Sometime cause of the creativity the director might change or tweak the story a bit, and here as parent we need to be there to explain to them why. I usually explain this is a part of the creative process for the creator of the show on understanding the story. This is a way for him/her to express their own inspiration or imagination toward the story. That is why it is always good to read the book first prior to the show, if the show is made based on book/story. Usually me and my daughter can end up on discussion for the discrepancy appear during the show.

We also enjoy the creative dance, decor, wardrobe and songs! Full of colors, imagination and illustration. It is amazing how they can translate a story into a form media that can be display on a stage. If you understand the story first then you can relate all the attribute shown on the stage to the story. That is why it is called : “When the story telling come alive”.

I know to run a theater house can be challenging especially when we talk about financing them. The need of society for art performance might be different from places to places. Some people or family might have the acquired taste to be able to enjoy it, some might not. And I always said – there is nothing wrong with that. It is all up to each individual preference.

But for us … a good quality ART performance or exhibition is much better than just a Barbie Doll or Eating out in the restaurant. So Yes! we allocate budget for this, this is a part of grooming and growing up.

On top of that! usually this is the best time for us to go out to the city :p