the 7 Habits of Happy Kids – Sean Covey

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

Thank’s to my friend Dyah Sari who posted about this book on her blog here.  I like Steven Covey book the 7 habits for highly effective people. I read this book from time to time and enjoy it so much. Therefore yesterday, I rushed to Ion at Orchard and look for this book at proloque as recommended by Dyah. I want to see how the 7 habits can actually be applicable for kids.

This book is amazing, like what dyah mentioned on her blog. It is actually a story book for kids with cool pictures and illustration. What I like the most this book start with the map of the 7 oaks village. It show us the houses for all the characters on the book. And the chapter then will illustrate each of the habit by giving a story as the example of the negative habit that need to be transformed into the positive habit.

The story illustration is very realistic, it is on Kid’s everyday life. Therefore any kids can easily relate the story and the value that this book is showing easily with their daily life. On each chapter it give us the Parent’s corner, I always like parent’s corner. This particular part of the book help us and guide us as parent on how to handle the value to be discussed with our children.

I also found this video on YouTube, this video is actually illustrate what are the value for the 7 habits for Happy Kids – enjoy!