My new shopping *PSLE GUide for parents*

Every time I am on the quest of something in life, I always remember the rule no. 2 on Stephen Covey book of the 7 habits.

Start with the end mind …

What this actually asking us to do is to always make a habit to ask yourself every time you want to start doing something in your life.

“What is this I am looking for from all this exercise of course of  life?”

“What is the purpose?”

“What is the good thing expected to come out?”

“What is the end result or the output from it?”

etc …

My daughter is going to her Primary school next year. This is a big thing that happened in her life for truth. Based on Singapore education system, Primary school result will eventually define the next level of her education journey in life. Which school she will going to complete her study etc. And this important result is measured by PSLE [Primary School Leaving Exam].

It is true, it is still another 6 years to go. But I am not a Singaporean, I did not grow up here, I was not educated here, therefore I am blind to the education system here. And I think, it is not fair if I don’t want to put my effort to understand it better in order to help my daughter. That is why , yesterday from our 3 hours at Border, I picked up this small size magazine and brought it home.

This magazine cost $12. I was browsing this magazine first before I decided to buy it for my own. And finally after some minuets browsing I decided to buy it, because it is worth to keep and read again from time to time while trying my best to understand the beginning of Singapore formal education system.

There are so much information given from this tiny magazine size. The featured articles which I found very useful is *Ultimate PSLE Preparation* – a good info that dish out the time line for parent to countdown to child’s PSLE and what need to be done to prepare it. *Brain Food* – Boost the child mind with the essential nutrients so he is raring to go.

It is also explained to us the *Competition* notion that we can not avoid it during our child formal education years, and how to cope with it in positive and negative situation.

It is also over tips for parent on how to established *Thinking* skill to our kids, thinking skill will be the most important tool on handling the PSLE test.

and many other good articles that worth to read! Cheerss.

3 thoughts on “My new shopping *PSLE GUide for parents*

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  2. When I give tuition, I remember girls are better in both language and observation, Boys like hands on and are better in logic, maths and science.Have fun, but tad early rite???

  3. Andy! Hahaha … PSLE quite scary! when i see what are the things will be covered, i better get my self ready man!

    But you are right! girls are better on language compare to boys, and boys are much better off on the other trait.

    I keep telling myself! don’t be stress and remember to keep the fun while learning when come to Miza!

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