Saving for Primary School!

Every *Eid Mubarak* which we called it *Hari Raya* in malay, my daughter always enjoy the motion of putting all the coins she got into her piggy bank in this case a nice looking pinkish strawberry shortcake can. The can is very heavy now, I think for one more *Hari Raya* we need it to break it up and start saving it to the bank.

Saving is not really a common word I use in my daily life until after I got married. My husband is very thrifty with his spending. He spends money based on what is needed not wanted. He has been doing this habit since he was very young where every $1 his parent gave him, he will spend $0.70 for a drink and save the $0.30 on his piggy bank. This habit continue even until TODAY. That is why we only spend based on what we NEED, we work based on priority in life and put saving into one of them too.

Miza’s education and retirement saving plan is ONE of our TOP priority when come into this department.

We try to introduce the concept to Miza as well so it is become a natural habit for them, just like what it is to my husband NOT me. I was not introduced to the concept when I was young, therefore it is very difficult to cultivate it alone until I have an enforcement from my hubby …LOL.

oh well enjoy our *Hari Raya* video –

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    • we hope so Andy! as parent we can try to do our best! the future is unknown, but I think Life will be fair, you harvest what you had seeded in the past, for good or for bad!

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