Good Story book with Science add on for KIDS in Malay’s language

For the past few months we started to introduce books in Malay’s language to Miza. As usual it started with me reading the book for her and now she start picking up reading the books herself. One of the good reason I can give you for this exercise for Miza is because she is going to take up Malay as her mother tongue language for her primary school education.

We hope through reading habit she can pick up the skills for this language, be it the vocabularies, pronunciations and the writing skill. The library near home provide various topic and options for Malay’s book for her. We don’t even need to buy books in Malay’s. All we need to do hop onto the library and look for the corner and brings what ever book we think we like to read.

Yesterday I found this set of book – they are actually a nice story book with a nice story line for kids to learn and enjoy reading it. BUT! these books are not just story book alone, they are in fact a science book. I like the way the book was presented to the kids. It is a science book, with a good story line and a nice picture inside it. I hope there are English science book set just like these ones.

These books are published by Arowana Publications. I can not find a good link to show these books. Inside this book series they have topic related to animal and why that animals are special. Like Camel …. how they can survive at the desert without any food and water, the platypus and why are they a unique mammal, Rafflesia a very unique flower that only around in Asia etc.

My daughter enjoy reading this book, I have to come in sometimes to give her explanation of the story, especially when there are a lot of new vocabularies for her.

Oh well! If you are interested hop onto the library and look for these books!