Procrastinate! sigh!

Do you know the meaning of this? Yeah … that one … keep delaying things around until the last minute. What a habit right? Doing everything in last minute! Why not! We still have 1 day, 30 min, 5 seconds or none at all, just get up and get going and wish me luck! LOL!

I used to do that …. a lot … I mean a lot in LIFE! You name it … from time management, personal life, financial etc. You keep delaying what is MoST important and spend your time with the non-sense ones. Why not … it is usually the easier ones! the good ones! the fun ones!

Like … i rather spend time chatting on the phone gossiping instead of going out there get the mop and clean up the house. I still have later 30 min before my daughter came back from school etc. until, my daughter came back from school and the floor is still the same as yesterday. then I said to myself, no worry! i Have tomorrow to do .. yeah … you bet! tomorrow i will come up with another different excuse until the house has never been cleaned for a week!

Does it sound familiar to you? If not .. you are lucky! You are in good shape and smooth life and schedule. I had learned my hard way, and no way I am going to go back there …

FIRST THING FIRST! do what is MOST IMPORTANT first before you do other things. I have to live up my words. I keep telling my daughter to do the same, and how in earth I can make her understand if, I myself is not doing it. So like my hubby always said … before you tell other to do, YOU must DO it first!

BLUFF is easy! BLIND people is easy! but … what the good things out of it for yourSELF? none!

so might as well you do the BEST for yourself first and worry about what other people said later!

oh well cheeersss … ciao I got to go and move on to do other things! thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “Procrastinate! sigh!

  1. The motive is good, but the deliverables….dun show the kids. hahaha….we need to prioritise what is important, and act on it. Action speaks louder than words. Model to your kids, and be discerning which motivation posters you download.Cheers.

  2. You what…my hubby said IT is my middle name! hahaha….

    Anyway…i think i am better in getting myself to do what needs to be done first. And figure out which one is urgent, which one is important but not urgent, not important at all etc etc.

    Im good at cleaning the house, seriously, as circumstances force me to. My son is very allergic and sensitive to dust (and now i find out that i am too). So the house must be clean nad dust free all the time! Hadoooh…an uphill task for me no! But what to do…somebody has got to do it regularly! LOL

    Yes…we must walk the talk. No choice…especially as we have young kid at home ya? They look at as as the role model. Musti tut wuri handayani :-)

    • OMG … it has been ages to hear that word again *Tut Wuri Handayani* exactly, as parent, government, leader, teacher etc etc … we must be doing that. these little eyes at home watch us like a hawk! heheheheehe. thank you so much dy, for reading my blog ….huggggzzzz

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