Stay focused in life and in choices!

Probably for some this is easy! It is in the blood and come naturally. It is true! For some, it is not a struggling enigma just to be in focused in life. They have been doing it for ages, probably they were trained since they were young. There are many ways for them to be trained, by actually practicing it and cultivating the habit OR see the surrounding, people around their life are just cultivating this habit on their daily life.

For me! It is not a natural force. I have to actually shape up my self in order to understand this and beginning to embrace it into my life. In the past I respond to almost everything come into my life, for good or for bad. Sometimes I don’t even think what might be the downfall of the actions I have taken. I just go on with it and follow my instinct. Sometimes, when I think back of it … what make me different from an animal if I just follow the motion based on instinct. I deprive the wisdom and the ability to utilize the most precious gift embedded in our body *the brain*. The one major sector in our body system that can actually control the whole movement on the system. I am not going into this, since I am very weak when come into science and talk a whole bunch about it. What I know … I have brain and wisdom which is much more sophisticated compared to animal. Therefore I shall behave differently. I can make decision on my reaction onto every stimuli in life. I can choose to IGNORE it or ACT on it. It is up to me, I decide for it.

Staying focus is in fact the platform that give you the avenue to choose your direction in life. With this, you know where you are going in life and why are you going there for what purpose and for what reason. Everything have reasons! That is why life is so exciting.

Staying focus will also bring you back upright in every downfall. When you tumble and fall over something in life, you can come back up and keep your focus going. You take failure just like a stones, a paths that you have to walk on in life. It is just a part of the journey and nothing more. This is not the end! because you know which destination you are going. As long as you have not reached that destination that means You are NOT THERE yet!

Staying focus will help you to be realistic as well in life. You will not dream to move the mount Everest if you are no in equal strength as Hercules. You set your destination on achievable level. You will not set Mars as your destination if you only have a bicycle to transport you over, that is just plain ridiculous. Be real and be wise on setting up your destination. I always believe … set ONE step at the time. First thing first before you move to the next destination. Finish this goal first before i move on the next and so on …..

I think LIFE is so exciting really! If we know how to handle it rightly! There are so much we can achieve as well as to contribute! Cheersss