Google Alerts – Your Spy on the NEt!

Today we got our get together at Jasmine Karsono house for lunch. As usual our conversation is not far than the new internet technology that keep amazes our life. Jasmine mentioned about this free tool available at the internet through Google providers. We call it *Google Alerts*. To read more about it click here.

This tool basically helping us to get notifications on our email or feeds for any topic related to certain subject. You can basically give any words at all and get all the notification contains that specific words on your email complete with the link/ url as well. I can just put my name as the topic/subject, and anything at all on the net that is circulated within Google reach will be bounced into my email inbox with the url. I can easily traceback all this link and read what they write about me out there.

So! Be mindful with what you said in public … it is recorded and it can come back to you anytime. Happy netting everyone and play smart and safe all the time.