Wardrobe overhaul!

For more than 6 years now since I had my daughter, dressing up was on my last priority list. I was just too busy to cope up with this. I was always rushing when we need to go out, preparing myself and my daughter every time we travel is not an easy task.

My hubby always said, I dress for combat every time we went out when my daughter was baby. A big bag full of her stuffs, pampers, milk bottle, baby food, wet tissue and a big chunk of baby stroller. Can you imagine it if I had to go up to the bus and train with all these stuff on my hands plus a baby? It was madness .Therefore I dress up the simplest and most efficient way as possible. Mostly T-Shirt and Jeans.

Things start to get better when she was a toddler. The bag is getting lighter but still I have to carry the stroller along with me. During this time, instead of carrying a milk bottle etc, I had to carry book, drawing pencils, drawing books and some entertaining stuff for her including some toys. These help me to keep her occupied while we were traveling. So Big bag … still a must, T Shirt and Jeans are still the chosen ones.

And now … bit by bit is My TIME again … I can be more relaxed and spend more time for my own self. My daughter start to be more independent. She can do a lot of things herself, therefore I can have more time to prepare for myself. With all these nice opportunities that come to my life now, I right a way grab it and start to re-organize myself.

I start to spend more time reading books I like, extra time to write and keep up my blog as well as to start dressing up myself.

The other day … I purposely opened my wardrobe and give time to have a good look of my clothing collections. I am telling you, it is so much easy to do … because most of my clothing are Jeans, T-shirt and flat shoes. I start to sort them out, try to match them and finally put aside the ones that I could not wear anymore. Automatically by doing this I make room for some new collections to come.

This time I had told my self to take my time and plan my shopping accordingly. I have a lot of requirement in order to do my shopping. I have to consider my hijab, my clothing style, my size and the comfort. So I am taking my time on this. I look around first and see where are the shops that caters my need, then start to browse what are the dress that suit my need etc.

I am lucky I have some good friends that I can ask for direction and opinion. I can also learn from their style and see how chic they can represent their style and taste.

Oh well … it needs some work and wish me luck!