What are the things inside my bag?!?!?

obviously this is not my bag! I have few bags and I love guess when come to bags. It is very durable and affordable. And I like the feeling of it’s weight when you carry it and the sounds of it’s buckle while you are moving or walking … so yeah! I stick to this brand according to my budget.

My husband always said I carry a combat gear when I go out cause of the size and the weight of my bag :p But trust me! This bag was so much heavier before than now :p. There are so much things that I don’t need to carry anymore as my daughter has grown up. This credit should go to the new technology for the smart phone, where you don’t have to carry planner anymore where ever you go and phone book :p. And soon I probably does not have to carry book as well when I go out … I can just read them from my device …

Alright! I am not a fashion’s blogger, I more into a practical blogger and a bit geeky maybe ….cause I like to talk about technology and gadget as well on top of among other things. Just look up at my tag cloud and you will know what are the things I love to talk about in my everyday life.

So off with the mark as a geek mum … I formulated what are the things inside my bag into a small clip. I use Window Movie Maker, a free software from the internet. Click here if you are want to download it.

Enjoy ….



2 thoughts on “What are the things inside my bag?!?!?

  1. You have a purse for everything within your bag! You are so organized, mashaAllah. Me? I only buy bags with a gazillion pockets so that I can just stuff things in there. Oh, and I love your makeup kit. I’ve sewn mine a month ago – so yeah, I’m sort of stepping into the organized world slowly. And I treasure my Maybelline lipstick – love the moisturizer in it. I’ll probably show you what’s in my bag sometime. When I’m ready, that is :)

    • sis that is so fun … we share what is inside our bag on our blog. i am looking forward for that :) Yeah … I love the maybelline lipstick too, it is a drugstore product and very good on the lips :)

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